BB&G is a provider of high-quality pneumatic components. This technology is used where a device utilizes pressurized air to create a linear or rotary motion. Our trained staff can assist you with technical information or the procurement of these items. We have the inventory of these items in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Dallas or factory. Our offering in this product line consists of many components list below.

Cylinders, Filters, Fittings, Grippers, Guided Cylinders, Lubricators, Pressure Regulators, Pressure Sensors, Rotary Actuators, Slides Shock Absorbers, Suction Cup,s Tubing, Vacuum Generators, Valves Pneumatic.

Manufacturers Bimba, Norgren, SMC, Humphrey, Eaton-Vickers, Versa, Numatics, Piab, Vi-cas, Sick, Mac Valve, Gast, Rexroth, Goyen and many others