Belts Bearings & Gearing also known as BB&G Industrial Supply was founded in Oklahoma in August 2009 during one of the worst recessions our country has ever experienced.  At the request of several customers, we were formed to bring the products and services they were requesting to them at the lower cost without giving up quality or customer service.

Here at BB&G Industrial Supply, we know we have to bring to the table something our competitors do not.

First, we have brought a product line up that is designed to bring you the highest quality product on the market today and offers you the best performance in your application for a lower cost.

Our next goal is to have as much inventory on our shelves as possible to keep you up and running without long expensive downtimes.

We deliver in our local area free of charge. We will even deliver as far as a 60-mile radius to our account holding customers. Longer distances can be arranged for special circumstances.

As a bearing and power transmission distributor our focus as a company is just that Belts Bearings & Gearing. Our employees have been trained and/or are being trained on a continuous basis to ensure we provided you with superior service and product knowledge on the products we offer.

So next time you need an experienced and friendly mechanically inclined sales associate to help you with your application give us a call. We look forward to helping each and every customer on a daily basis.